Journal Club

Journal Club is an interactive session initiated by the management and students of Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology, in order to enhance the knowledge of students on different fields of research, stay updated on recent scientific developments, foster student interactions discuss and refine analytical and presentation skills. Lecturers and students gather on a weekly basis to review a research article and review article and discuss the further implications of these particular studies for experimental practice.

Journal Club is highly beneficial to students as it promotes reading and critiquing research topics which are crucial skills for undergraduates, and provides an excellent opportunity to exchange and revamp their knowledge and presentation skills. Staying updated with the latest developments in research and technology and improving skills associated with critical analysis of research articles is the objective of the Journal Club.

President - Dave Fernando
Secretary – Miyuru Mahamuthugala
Treasurer – Hassan Aboothahir

SIST Student Achievers

Over, the past years, SIST has produced many worthy aspiring scientists who are serving with passion and dedication towards the upliftment of the global scientific community.

The following is a highlight of the remarkable academic achievements made by our undergraduate students which enabled them to be awarded with the prestigious overall best academic performance and the university medals for the respective Undergraduate degree programmes.

Annual Trip

The annual trip is organized by the Spectrum Students’ Society and the management. Last year, the students went on a trip to Hatton where they visited the Castle Reigh Reservoir, stayed at the Castle Reigh Resort for 2 days and were involved in various activities such as hiking.

Celebrating festivals

Christmas Party

The annual trip is organized by the Spectrum Students’ Society and the management. Last year, the students went on a trip to Hatton where they visited the Castle Reigh Reservoir, stayed at the Castle Reigh Resort for 2 days and were involved in various activities such as hiking.

Eid Celebrations- Sawan feast

Organized by the students of Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology, Eid is celebrated to mark the end of the holy month of fasting and emphasizes on the gift of giving, together with piety, patience and fortitude. This is celebrated annually by hosting a Sawan feast for all members of the student body and faculty to emphasize cultural appreciation.


Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology celebrates a unique national festival, the Sinhala & Tamil New Year following the customs and traditions of Sri Lanka. It is an event that showcase the students’ leadership, teamwork and event management skills. The whole college sparkles with beautiful varieties of colours as the students wear traditional clothes which emits the New Year feeling.


Realms of Life Sciences

An exhibition on Biotechnology, Biomedical Science, Molecular Biology and Microbiology

This exhibition is organized annually by aspiring young scientists of SIST for their younger brothers and sisters following their Advance Level in the science stream who need to gain knowledge about higher education and possible career opportunities abundantly found in these niche areas.

Salient Features of the Exhibition:

  • Students will have an insight of the applications of Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Biomedical Science.
  • Witness live experimentation and laboratory procedures of Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Plant Tissue Culture and Microbiology.
  • Understand how research could contribute to the economic development and the need for Scientific Entrepreneurs for Sri Lanka.
  • Free career guidance sessions.

Special Training Programmes

SLAAS Biotechnology Symposia 2019

Some of us had the delightful opportunity of participating in the 2nd and 3rd SLAAS biotechnology symposia, on the 11th and 25th of July 2019, respectively.

The 2nd Symposium, titled “Research and applications of Reproductive Biotechnology in Sri Lanka: past perspectives, current status and future trends” touched topics such as traditional and novel applications of reproductive biotechnology, animal reproductive biotechnology, exogenous and endogenous factors affecting the sperm, stem cells in reproductive biotechnology and most importantly the ethical, legal, social and religious issues relating to reproductive biotechnology. It concluded with an inspiring presentation done by Miss Sachithra Gunasekara on her pilot study on the association of serum levels of cytokines and thrombin during normal and IVF pregnancies.

The 3rd Symposium on Medical biotechnology walked us through areas such as novel recombinant vaccines and proteins, anti-cancer effects of natural products, stem cells applications in disease biology and advancements in genome sequencing technology in medicine. As a bonus, an insightful presentation was carried out on GENETECH, its gradual industrial advancement and its services to the nation.

We were privileged to listen to 4 researches carried out in Sri Lanka, namely,

  1. Design of a novel recombinant viral vector-based mucosal HIV vaccine strategy by Prof. Charani Ranasinghe.
  2. Morphological and genomic changes induced by Sanguinaria canadensis; molecular mechanism of apoptosis and oncosis by Prof. Priya Weerasinghe.
  3. Stem cell research in disease biology: Hemopotent stem cells, Mesenchymal stem cells, Human amniotic membrane stem cells and mouse neuronal cells by Dr. Hemali Goonasekera
  4. Use of Hybridoma technology for P. vivax malaria vaccine development by Prof. Preethi Udagama

Being a first-year student who is fairly new to the field, I gained ample knowledge, not just on the topics that were discussed, but on the ethics and disciplinary principles that are to be followed and the level of dedication, commitment and patience required to succeed as a scientist. I left the premises feeling inspired and motivated to engage in research activity to benefit my community and country. Therefore, I’m wholly grateful for this valuable opportunity extended by spectrum to participate and get exposed to programs that take place outside of our institute environment
Esther Swamidason EBH 2022 .


Grants are offered by Edinburgh Napier University to carry out various mobility projects aimed at conservation of the environment for its sustainable use. Ms. Parami Peiris and Ms. Fathima Nadiya Azmy 4th year Hons. students have received a grant from Edinburgh Napier University to carry out projects aimed at mobilizing conservation -Eco friendly projects


"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it" -Robert Swan

The workshop comprised of three sessions. Introduction to grant proposal writing, how to apply for volunteering positions and where to look for, introduction to Eco-bricks and demonstration as well as a session on design thinking. The participants were extremely energetic and creative and each group presented innovative ideas. At the end of the event the participants were given a chance to apply for funding for an innovative project of their own.