Laboratory Facilities

Students enrolled in the undergraduate courses at Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology would find state of the art laboratories on campus. All practical sessions assigned by the University are carried out at the in-house laboratories of SIST.

Molecular Biology Labs

Our Molecular Biology Labs are equipped with modern instruments like the thermocyclers to carry out Polymerase Chain reactions (PCRs), Spectrophotometer and Gel Electrophoresis units. These apparatus are used by the students to perform molecular biology experiments like DNA Extractions, quantification, gene amplifications and polymorphism analysis.

Microbiology Labs

SIST ensures safety of the students when conducting microbiology practical procedures by directing students to work in a Biosafety Level 1 laboratory (BSL). The students work with less pathogenic microbes during their practical and this ensures minimal potential hazard to the student, the laboratory personnel and the surrounding environment. The microbiology lab houses well designed workspace with sterilization and incubation facilities. Students are able to obtain a variety of hands-on experience on culturing and isolation Bacteria and Fungi, culture preservation techniques and microbial identification techniques.

Biochemistry / Chemistry Labs

The biochemistry / chemistry labs of SIST are equipped with a wide array of chemicals and apparatus that enable the students to engage in all prescribed practicals in the syllabus. Further, the students are given hands – on experience on the proper handling, storage and disposal methods of these chemicals.

Tissue Culture Lab

Tissue Culture Lab is a well-equipped lab with a Laminar Airflow system to provide an aseptic environment to carry out plant tissue culture experiments. This lab is widely in use to learn botanical and plant biotechnological experimentation by the students.


Teaching takes place in modern and well - equipped classrooms. Classrooms are equipped with a computer that provides an overhead projector, projection screen, whiteboards and air conditioning units. Our classrooms are spacious and comfortable and provide opportunities for a quality education for our students.


Our library aims at providing access to its printed resources such as books and journals as well as computers facilities primarily for the use of students. The SIST library also offer specialized subject support and study space. The librarian manages the library procedures within the undergraduate facility. Students also have access to the SIST e – library and the ENU e – library that further expands the reading material available for the students

Student lounge and common area

This area allows students to spend their leisure times happily with their colleagues. They also conduct Students’ society meetings and activities in the student common area.