SIST Alumni at the Huawei Idea Hub Launch

Sikander Sabeer of the Graduating batch of 2011 of SIST was captured last week at the launch and introduction of the latest technologies to accelerate Sri Lanka’s digitalisation drive and position as a Smart Digital Hub in the region. He was presenting the Huawei Idea Hubs and Enterprise Solutions as the Huawei Enterprise Business Group Account Director.

SIST wish Sikander all the best in his future endeavors.

SIST 20th Year Anniversary Launch

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SIST steps into the 20th Year of Academic Excellence

Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations took place on the 10th and 11th of February, 2021 at the SIST premises. Students, alumni, faculty members, non-academic staff and many well-wishers joined hands in gathering to witness twenty years of academic excellence. To symbolize the unity represented by SIST’s surroundings, a tree planting ceremony and a multi-religious program was held.

In the evening of the 10th of February 2021, the celebrations began with a spiritual Hindu Pooja followed by Catholic, Islamic and Buddhist blessings on the next day, further spiritualizing the future endeavors of SIST. A special tree planting ceremony in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary celebrations was held with the participation of the faculty, alumni and students. It symbolized the putting down of roots, longevity and strengths in the twenty outstanding years of SIST, along with many more to come.

The chairman of SIST, Mr. Jayathan Kulasingham addressed the gathering with an inspirational, heartwarming, emotional speech on the challenges and accomplishments on his journey through the past as well as his progression onto making SIST to what it is today! Twenty years of excellence wouldn’t have been achieved without Mr. and Mrs. Kulasingham’s constant work towards success.

The lessons of faith learnt through reflection on this day, touched our hearts, minds and souls. May the future of SIST remain a guiding pathway for all those who step out, in many more years to come!

Mr. Kulasingham – Chairman of SIST shortlisted for
Pieoneer Awards 2020

Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology (SIST) is much delighted to announce that the Chairman of SIST, Mr. Jayanthan Kulasingham has been shortlisted for the PIEoneer Awards 2020 for the Outstanding Contribution to the industry sponsored by NCUK – The University Consortium.

The PIEoneer Awards celebrate innovations and achievements in the international education industry and recognize both individuals and organizations for their contributions for education and professional standards.

SIST wishes Mr. Kulasingham all the best for the PIEoneer Awards that will take place on the 11th of September 2020!

Online Learning

SIST is fully committed to quality education and had been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic since February 2020. The administration took the necessary steps to ensure that SIST remains flexible to changing times and government regulations while ensuring that the student’s learning continues uninterrupted. SIST switched to virtual classrooms as early as the 23rd of March 2020 via online learning platforms, e-libraries, and SIST and ENU learning portals.

The students have had a variety of exposure in their virtual classroom including online lectures, pre-recorded lectures, online quizzes, online presentations and assignments. In addition, the students can meet and discuss concerns and doubts with the SIST faculty as well as international faculty. SIST has taken all necessary steps to facilitate analytical online exams for the senior students as an alternative to semester end examinations.

SIST is fully aware that these changing times bring with-it unforeseen challenges to students and is committed to upholding student morale by ensuring they stay busy and focused, albeit a new business as usual. SIST is very grateful to the unwavering commitment of its faculty in ensuring uninterrupted education of the students and thanks the parents and students for their trust and support, for we are all in this together. Stay indoors. Stay safe.

Ashrifa Ali wins the 2019 Impact Award
from University of North Dakota

Proud alumni of SIST, Ashrifa Ali was awarded the 2019 Impact Award by the University of North Dakota, School of Medicine and Health Sciences. SIST wishes her all the best with her scientific career!

Graduated in 2012

Orientation - September 2019

The orientation of the students for the September intake took place on the 18th of September at the SIST premises. The orientation was attended by Dr. Sophie Foley, Associate Professor in Microbiology and also Director of International Partnership and Development for the School of Applied Sciences, Edinburgh Napier University. The incoming students were briefed on the insights of SIST and its propgrammes that was followed by fellowship.

Commencement of Journal Club Sessions for the new semester

The journal club sessions re-commenced for the new semester on the 8th of November 2019. The presenting groups present a journal of choice pertaining to various scientific areas such as agricultural biotechnology, medicine, biochemistry, molecular biology, astrobiology and forensics. The students and faculty actively participates in the sessions to share scientific knowledge.

Spectrum Alumni shines at the Bus Stop Talks 2019
at the University of Colombo

Bus Stop Talks 2019 is a 3-minute thesis presentation competition organized by the Research and High Degrees Committee of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo. Two alumni of SIST, also postgraduate students of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Faculty of Medicine - University of Colombo, Asith Wanniarachchi (placed fourth) and Suvini Karunaratne (placed second) were placed among the top five speakers. They will further receive an opportunity to present at the Colombo Medical Congress 2020.

Initiation of Plant Tissue Culture Project at SIST

The students of SIST under the supervision of our research assistant successfully completed plant tissue culture protocols. This is an initiative towards creating a sustainable plant tissue culture laboratory for industrial applications

Student of SIST receives an opportunity to study
at the University of Eastern Finland

Parami Pieris who recently graduated with BSc Hons in Microbiology & Biotechnology from Edinburgh Napier University at SIST was awarded with a 80% tuition scholarship along with a monthly stipend to study overseas at the University of Eastern Finland. She is enrolled as a Masters student for the Masters programme in the Biology of Environmental Change.

SIST facilitates learning tour students
from the University of New England, Australia

Spectrum Institute of Science and Technology has a well-established reputation for conducting various collaborative learning programs for locals as well as international students at different academic levels in the developing field of science and technology.

In November 2018 SIST open the doors for 10 students and 2 mentors from the University of New England, Australia in contributing to the fulfillment of their learning tour. The goal of this program was to provide an insight into the current Sri Lankan research and development projects along with exposure to the learning environment in Sri Lanka. The program has provided excellent ground for sharing experience and knowledge gained to be disseminated through different settings of the educational and research & development sectors, which can be shared internationally.

One of the highlighting sessions was the Journal Club session; conducted by the students of SIST. The students presented a research article on “Microbiome of the placenta in pre‐eclampsia supports the role of bacteria in the multifactorial cause of pre‐eclampsia”. This research was the first of its kind and was conducted in Sri Lanka. The group of presenters from SIST critically analyzed the journal, followed by an active discussion on the current trends in the field of molecular biology and microbiology. The program was carried out over a period of two weeks. The group of students also visited prestigious research institutes throughout Colombo, including The Human Genome Unit, University of Colombo and The Industrial Technological Institute, to gain insight into the current research projects conducted in Sri Lanka. The group of students from New England, Australia also gained hands-on experience on the novel molecular biology and microbiology techniques at the laboratories of SIST shortly prior to their departure.